Bungie’s next not at E3

Not to thoroughly dash any hopes you may have had about seeing what Bungie’s been cooking up post-Halo at E3, but that’s exactly what this news does. In a paragraph that had nothing to do with the main topic at hand, the latest update on Bungie’s web site abruptly reveals the bad news.

“Oh, and while we’re on the subject of clarification, we won’t officially be at E3 this year. Remember the Band-Aid approach I talked about last week? This is what it feels like in practice. Sorry for the sting. We wanted to make sure you didn’t get whipped into a rumor-fueled frenzy only to have your expectations unceremoniously dashed during expo week.”

So alas, there it is. A thorough dashing now to offset an unceremonious dashing later. So it goes. The optimist in me wants to think they are keeping their focus on their latest and greatest, and yay for that. We’ll learn more about it… some day.