Burnout Crash detailed by Australian rating board

It’s been too long since we last hit the boost, sped down the lane into another car and sent it flying, only to find oursevles buried in a bus moments later. Basically, we miss Burnout, and we want it back. And it could very well be on its way.

The Australian Ratings Board has listed Burnout Crash, a PS3 and 360 game. That’s about as much as there is to go on other than the promise of “mild violence”.

On the speculation side of things, this could well be a downloadable title, given how quickly it’s been revealed after Criterion’s Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and just how it’s been revealed. The name Crash is also intriguing, given that Burnout Paradise didn’t feature the popular Crash mode from past games.

Let’s hope this one gets an official reveal soon.