Burnout Paradise splashes down in Big Surf Island June 11th

[bliptv gctbgYPiK47dbA]

Waves, sun, mega-ramps that lead to even larger mega-ramps. Yes, Burnout Paradise‘s Big Surf Island has it all. Consider it a beachside hide away, where all the hustle and bustle of the city can just sink slowly into the sea. Yeah, there are cars to race, 9 new ones in fact, and sure there are more freeburn races and everything else you’ve come to expect from Criterion’s incredibly high quality DLC, but Big Surf Island isn’t about all that. It’s about peacefully gazing out across the ocean, maybe sipping lemonade with a cute little summer romance, several hundred feet up after having jumped through a giant doughnut.

Enjoy the trailer now and look for the Big Surf Island on the Xbox 360, PC and PS3 when it’s released on June 11th.