Burnout Toy Cars and Boost Specials DLC leaked on Xbox LIVE

Our whoops of the week goes to Xbox LIVE after accidentally letting the upcoming Toy Cars and Boost Special downloadable cars of Burnout Paradise leak onto Xbox LIVE this morning. They have since been taken off the store but some gamers were able to download and use the cars in Burnout Paradise.

The Toy Cars were listed at 160 MS points each and a mini motorcycle was 240 MS points. We don’t know why some vehicles are more expensive than others as evidenced in the Legendary Cars Pack. The whole lot was going for 1,000 MS points. The Boost Specials which contain two cars including one that can be tuned to fit the wishes of the player was 400 points.

Perhaps this leak will result in an accelerated release of the packs. Criterion nor Microsoft have not yet commented on the leak.