Call of Duty 7 in Vietnam, Cuba?

A source we consider reliable has told  TVGB that Activision is looking to licence music for “Call of Duty 7,” music that gives some serious hints as to the locations the game may take us. Mentioned were Vietnam War era tunes, as well as Cuban, African, and Soviet Union music. The source says Call of Duty: World at War‘s senior producer Noah Heller is involved, so it looks like Treyarch is once again developing.

Credibility to the change from WWII is added by Heller himself who last year said they “are showing the final battles of the Pacific and the European Theatre and that lets us put a close to the war. I’m sure game companies will be making World War II games for years to come and World War II is a very classic war. But we’re happy that we put the war to bed.”

While Modern Warfare 2 is still six months from release, someone under Activision already working on a new Call of Duty game isn’t very hard to believe when considering the cold hard fact that there’s been a new release in the series every single year since 2005, and Modern Warfare 2 will continue that tradition this year with its November 10 release.

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