Call of Duty World at War 35% more zombified

Gametrailers TV announced earlier in the week that an announcement that will “rock the internet” regarding Call of Duty: World at War was going to be announced on Friday’s episode, which we now is the Nazi zombie apocalypse mode that can be unlocked after completing the main campaign. We have absolutely no reason to question Treyarch any longer.

The zombie apocalypse mode can be played by up to four players cooperatively. While fighting our way through literally an endless wave of zombies, we can get money that is used to purchase new weapons or build obstacles. We can actually board up windows to keep the zombies out while someone else shoots at them from an upstairs window. Soldiers that lose all their health can be revived in a way similar to Left 4 Dead, while still shooting with a handgun. It doesn’t seem like there’s an option to be a part of the zombie horde though.

It’s zombie madness in 2008 what with GTA IV, Left 4 Dead and now Call of Duty. We’re not complaining though because a little bit of zombie goes a long way.