Call of Juarez dev leaves the wild west for off-road with nail’d

So you’ve created 2 pretty decent first-person shooters for the current generation, where to go next? The answer is obvious; come up with a brand new off-road racing game. That’s the strategy Techland have adopted anyway. Having completed work on both Call of Juarez games, they’ve set their franchise down for a whiskey and picked up something entirely new; nail’d.

I say entirely new… it’s an off road racer with the usual set of vehicles like quad and motorbikes. Rather than give you a twist to get hooked on, Techland offers an action packed trailer filled with jumps, speed, heavy metal, and buzzwords.

Tracks are based on real places, like America’s Yosemite National Park, only a bit exaggerated so that you can go really, really high. Multiplayer is in too, with leaderboards to compete over.

Publisher Deep Silver are hoping to let nail’d loose in Q4. If the trailer grabbed your interesting, you might want to check out these shots too.