Capcom putting out ‘true’ ending to Asura’s Wrath as premium DLC

More Asura’s Wrath is on the way for fans of CyberConnect 2’s action title. Much, much more that is.

This week saw the release off episode 11.5, which bridged the gap between two of the episodes found the original campaign. Next week is a similar situation; Episode 15.5 will be released on April 4 on PSN and 360. Both episodes cost 160MS points/£1.50 a piece (US pricing TBC).

More substantial DLC comes at the end of April when episodes 19 to 22 of the game are released. Capcom promise that these episodes will provide “the true conclusion to Asura’s Wrath“, which itself ended on a cliffhanger. These three episodes, bundled together, will cost 560MS points/£5.49.

And, finally, two pieces of DLC are on for May. The first, out on May 9, is the already-teased Street Fighter crossover where Asura will showdown with Ryu. Then on May 16 Akuma joins the fray.

That’s a dizzying amount of content. And let’s all raise an eyebrow, please, to the “true ending” DLC. Did we not deserve the “true ending” when we spent £40/$60 on the original game? It would seem in the wake of the Mass Effect 3 ending outrage, Capcom have gotten off awfully lightly on this one.