Card game meets tycoon in The Amazing American Circus

Developer Klabater and Juggler Games, the studio behind My Memory of Us, come together to deliver a unique gaming experience in The Amazing American Circus.

Blending elements of a card game, tycoon, and an adventure game, The Amazing American Circus looks to set itself apart from other titles in each of these genres.

In The Amazing American Circus, players will take on the role of a poverty-stricken circus owner and attempt to build themselves up in order to create the best circus experience in the 19th Century United States. Players will build a circus and travel across the country collecting cards and gathering unique artists and performers along the way, each with their own personal stories to tell.

The action will play out via an original and challenging card game. Battle against enemies, as well as the constant threat of audience boredom. The game will feature over 100 historical figures from the age of the industrial revolution including the likes of Susan B. Anthony and Nikola Tesla. The soundtrack is also inspired by classic circus music.

The Amazing American Circus will be heading to Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2021.