Castlevania 2 is ‘conclusion to Lords of Shadow saga’, more details

The official website for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 has shed just a flicker of light on the just-announced Konami sequel.

According the the Story page, this will be the conclusion to the Lords of Shadow series. As the trailer revealed, it stars Dracula (or Gabriel Belmont, as we’ve come to know him) who is “yearning for release from his immortal bonds”. Aren’t we all?

The weakened vampire lord finds himself up against a new threat, and must restore his former power to overcome it. His own castle will play a key role in that quest. Interestingly, it’s suggested that he’ll have to go up against others members of the Belmont clan, who we’ve traditionally played as in a bid to destroy Dracula in Castlevanias past. Quite the reversal, then.

Still no other details on release, sadly, but let’s hope for more soon.