CCP shows off EVE Online’s Captain’s quarters

CCP is currently undertaking a huge effort — code named Incarna — to make its EVE Online universe as immersive as humanly possible. On June 21 when the new Captain’s quarters feature goes live, they’ll make that first step towards achieving their goal.

The Captain’s quarters will be a place where players, using his or her 3D avatar, can make interactions they’re used to making, but in a much more visual and immersive way.

CCP Zulu — producer of EVE Online — made the announcement;  “On June 21st we will open up the interiors of space stations for players to start exploring EVE Online in a completely new way. Pioneering our first steps into Incarna will be your new Captain’s Quarters –a station-bound seat of power that provides a refuge from the dangers of space and a powerful command platform placing precious information at your fingertips.”

After the accompanying video to the above announcement was enjoyed by our eyes we’re more than excited to see the progress CCP’s endeavor is making. There’s something to be said about finally being able to truly appreciate titanic nature of your ships, as you see them docked, ready and waiting.

If the rest of Incrana is as good as this, EVE Online is about to get a whole lot better.