Celebrate Alien Day with a free copy of Alien: Blackout

As a long-time fan of the Alien franchise, I am always ready to play a new game based on everyone’s favorite Xenomorph. So, in celebration of the April 26th fan created holiday, Alien Day, developer D3 Go is offering Apple and Android users a free download of their game, Alien: Blackout, for FREE!

Coming at the Alien franchise in a different way than previous outings, this game is a strategic and very intense adventure that is definitely a better experience than Alien: Colonial Marines, but that ‘s not entirely hard to do.

You may be asking yourself, how does Alien: Blackout hold up against other games in the franchise. Well, for one, its not an FPS so you don’t control your character directly like you do in Alien: Isolation.

Instead, this game has you guiding different characters through a damaged space station away from the Xenomorph that is hot on their tails. It also features permanent death for crew members if they’re killed, so as a gameplay tactic, you can sacrifice them in order to ensure Ripley survives.

As far as where Alien: Blackout fits in the Alien timeline, the events of this game takes place right after the ending of Alien: Isolation. I’m still working on Isolation but I think that I am going to jump right in to Blackout tonight.

Sometimes the Alien games can be hit or miss but I think that this one may be one to add to the “must-play” list. What do you think of Alien: Blackout? Let us know in the comments below.