Indie Kickstarter Chained Echoes receives a publisher

It is genuinely difficult for me to admit that someone may love Chrono Trigger more than me, but that appears to be the case with developer Matthias Linda and their creation, Chained Echoes. And the Kickstarter title now how a publisher in Deck13 Spotlight. Time to party like we’re at the Millenial Fair!

Chained Echoes is a SNES-era inspired JRPG. Fans familiar with the enemy encounters and battle system from Chrono Trigger will feel right at home. Look no further than the world map to see how proudly this title wears its heart on its 16-bit sleeve. The developer boasts fast, turn-based combat, customizable airships and mechs (because why not). The trailer oozes charm with a gorgeous pixel art style and sublimely retro score. Though Chained Echoes looks to embody that sweet “old school” vibe, it also will have modern gaming touches as well, including a “complex skill and equipment system” and “tons of items to be looted, stolen or crafted.”

Deck 13 Spotlight is no stranger to pixelated, nostalgia-fueled titles, having published the crowdfunded CrossCode in 2018. They have also published a number of other indie titles over the past several years. As evidenced by Stardew Valley, collaboration with a like-minded publisher can be instrumental for the development of a crowdfunded indie game. I know my chickens and I were certainly grateful.

Chained Echoes more than doubled their Kickstarter goal and is scheduled to be released in late 2021 for PC, PS4, and Switch. If only I could hop into my Epoch and head a bit into the future…