Charlie Brooker to present videogame TV show in UK

Ok, so maybe I was a little harsh about Twitter the other day. I am now hopelessly addicted. Not because I enjoy giving running commentaries on my mundane life, but because it allows me to cyberstalk celebrities. I know, I know, but don’t pretend you don’t do it either.

One such celebrity on my follow list is Charlie Brooker, Guardian columnist, creator of zombie drama Dead Set and ex-PC Zone writer. Yesterday, when asked by a fellow stalker if he would ever return to videogame journalism, Brooker posted this piece of unannounced news, “Doing a videogames one-off TV show later in the year so that should scratch that itch.”

For those familiar with Brooker’s work, this news will be pants-wettingly exciting. But for those that aren’t, lets re-cap. Charlie Brooker is responsible for some of the most hilarious, scathing, hate-filled hilarity ever written. His weekly columns for the Guardian are reason to buy the paper alone and his work for PC Zone is legendary. Whatever form the show takes, Brooker’s entry into the often woeful world of videogame television should be welcomed.

I contacted Mr Brooker for more information, but he hasn’t replied. Probably because he thinks I’d like to break into his house and sniff his underwear. He’s right.