Child of Eden trailer gets trippy with Kinect

[tvgb 270065]

A look at Child of Eden here, focusing on the Kinect version of on-rails, sense-assaulting shooter. It’s easy to tell that this is from the creator of Rez, a game very similar in presentation, but it’s clearly going to control differently thanks to Microsoft’s motion device.

We’d be lying if we told you exactly how it will work; trying to keep track of the player’s hands and how the game responds would probably induce some sort of fit, but it sure does look flashy. If only we all had our own gigantic open space to play the game like in the trailer as opposed to shuffling bits of furniture so that we don’t knock over the lamp and kick the cat. We imagine that’ll take us out of the experience a bit.

Child of Eden hits Kinect in June, though it will come to PlayStation Move a little bit later on.