Civilization: Revolution settles into the Internet


Whatever you do, don’t call it Civ V! Game developers Fraxis and 2K Games claim that the latest addition to the Civilization pantheon of games has been built “from the ground up to deliver a brand new Civ experience specifically for the Xbox 360, PS3 and DS”. Civilization: Revolution is slated for a June 3rd release, and in order to bring together the online Civ community as well as assuage the fears of hard-core Civvers that this new release isn’t just “Civ-Lite”, has gone live, offering up info, insights, and links to all things Civ-related.

The site itself is a bit awkward to navigate and flips between populating the huge shiny flash bar and annoyingly stacking content boxes below it, but if you’re willing to brave its somewhat unintuitive behavior and sometimes barren pages, there are some jewels buried there. Check out the podcast for a primer on what Civ: Revolution hopes to bring to the table, as well as click the Civilizations button for renders of Civ’s cast of great rulers, complete with random gesticulations.