Co-op for Bad Company 2? “Have some patience” says DICE

DICE have seemingly thrown everything and the kitchen sink into Battlefield: Bad Company 2, but there are a few bits and pieces missing from the total package still, most noticeably a co-op mode. While EA’s other big title at the moment, Dante’s Inferno, is getting the feature down the line, we’re still not sure on DICE’s position.

Well Eurogamer Germany got themselves an interview with executive producer Charles Magnusson, and brought up the issue. If a simple translation can be trusted, then the answer was quite promising: “We have decided once to integrate additional game modes in multiplayer mode. We must always decide what we implement. Our studio does not have infinite resources. Nevertheless, we want to integrate Koop in the game. The fans just need to have some patience and trust us.”

Seems like co-op is very much a possibility down the road for this title. It may not be here when the game touches down March 2nd in the US and March 5th in the EU, but there’s a wealth of other reasons to pick up the title then.