Company of Crime announced for summer

Those of you that like to play a bit of cops and robbers might be interested to hear about Company of Crime. This tactical, turn-based empire builder has just been announced for a summer release and it actually sounds rather good.



Coming this summer to Steam and other digital stores from the guys and gals over at 1C Entertainment, Company of Crime, as I’ve just mentioned, is an empire builder. Interestingly, though, it’s not one of those games where you play a mafia boss then spend six years doing virtually nothing unless you pay money. You can if you wish, play the bad guy and lead a cruel gang in the hopes of controlling the criminal underworld. Should you wish to fight on the side of the law this is possible, too, as you’ll also get the option to side with good and take the role of a Chief Inspector from Scotland Yard’s Flying Squad. The fact you don’t have to pull all your efforts into building an evil empire is a nice touch.

Something else that’s quite nice about Company of Crime is its setting. For a pleasant change, we aren’t in the grimy streets of 1930s Chicago or on the high tech Mafia turf of modern-day. Instead, we’ll be in 60s London. This game has done its best to draw you into this vibrant decade and you’ll meet many of the sub-cultures walking the streets at the time; from beatniks to mods and rockers and many more. Location is also very important. As you expand your influence, you’ll visit everything from pubs and clubs to vets and tailors on your journey.

Company of Crime is a hybrid title. You have your empire-building element but there is also a turn-based combat system with an emphasis on melee mechanics. Some of the strategies involved will come in how you manage and build your gang of criminals or teams of detectives. Each member will have their own skills much needed to pull off criminal tasks or master the art of investigation.

The side you take will also depend on some of the mechanics available to you. As a criminal, you’ll do most of your planning in the shadows. Quiet extortion is the name of the game or you’ll start generating heat which isn’t good for business. By the same token, you’ll be able to “acquire” legitimate businesses that will allow you to create fronts for your misdeeds.

As a police officer, you’ll find gameplay is more reactive. You’ll only get the call when a crime has been committed leaving you on the back foot. You’ll have to outwit the criminals if you’re going to succeed and bring crime to its knees. It’s very difficult to question a corpse so you’ll need to be on your toes.

This title reminds me a little bit of the Gangsters games, which I absolutely loved. It’s probably nothing like that classic but it definitely brings that game to mind. If it’s even in the same stratosphere, I’m all over it. Having the chance to play the good guys makes this title even more intriguing. Definitely one worth looking into further come summer.