Confirmed: Iron Man to appear in The Incredible Hulk

I told you before that I had some news that was going to make the fanboy in you jump with joy. You’ve probably all seen the concept art above from The Incredible Hulk game, heard the news that Tony Stark will be making an appearance in the new Incredible Hulk movie and also heard that Hulkbuster armor will be making an appearance in the Iron Man game. Putting these three news items together one could easily jump the conclusion that Iron Man is going to make an appearance in the Hulk game. Well I’m here to tell you that that assumption would be completely and totally correct.

During my eyes-on (Is that a term?) time at NYCC with the 360 version of the new Incredible Hulk game, scheduled to be released on all major platforms, the friendly person at Marvel’s massive booth where the game was being demoed started talking about the other heroes and villains that were appearing in the game. I of course instantly asked about the concept art I had seen with Iron Man in his hulk buster suit. To which the gentleman replied, “Oh yea, later in the game the Hulk kind of goes on a rampage and they call in the military who is being helped by Iron Man. He is definitely in the game.” Is your appetite for destruction wetted yet?

Like I said the game was only there for us to watch and hear about. The entire day, for all three days, SEGA had the controller well manned by representatives who were perfectly fine with refusing to share the controller while they discussed the game and rampaged around New York City destroying anything and everything. In all honesty the game looks a lot like The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction but with more realistic graphics. Of course this isn’t a bad thing at all since UD is one of the best super hero games out there.

You can run around the city, climb walls, punch buildings and hurl pedestrians and cars to your heart’s content. In fact I didn’t see a single thing you couldn’t pick up and hurl or tear apart. You can even pick up a car, tear it in half and make car parts gloves for hulk to punch with. The entire city is entirely destrucutible so you can go from one end of Manhattan to the other and level it completely. Eventually the buildings come back, hopefully in a more creative way than just reappearing. Hulk also will have unlockable special moves. The only one they were showing at the con was a sort of ground smash that leveled almost everything around the big green beast. Basically, SEGA has taken the “Hulk Smash!” slogan and shoved it into a game.

Plot wise the game should take its cues from the film but also take plenty from the comic book. Actors from the film are all signed on though I didn’t get a chance to hear anyone speaking, just the shouts of the pedestrians as Hulk picked them up and threw them into walls. Thankfully you’ll never be forced to play as Bruce Banner either. SEGA realizes you’re playing to crush things with the Hulk not wander around New York in torn jeans and no shirt. There will of course be missions to complete and super villains to battle it out with though we didn’t get to see any of the latter while watching the people from SEGA play. I’m sure there will be much more coming out about the game as we get closer to it and the movie’s release but for now Iron Man showing up in his Hulkbuster armor is getting me plenty excited.