Confirmed: My GamerPad proven fake

Not that anyone really had any doubt, but I guess this puts the final nail in My GamerPad’s coffin.  The first strike against it came with the news that it originated on the 4chan messages boards.  Now, if you’ve been on the interwebz for long enough, you know there are three cardinal rules to follow.

  • Don’t click anything labeled “Tub Girl”
  • If your friend sends you an anonymous link, it probably leads here
  • Never trust anything from 4chan

As if the amatuerish photoshopping and the poorly-concieved avatar weren’t enough, it didn’t take long for the internet to sniff out one of it’s own.  It seems the background for My GamerPad is nothing more than a direct copy of a 3D render of one of the users on art hotspot deviantART.

I think that My GamerPad did prove something though.  It proved that internet optimism is still alive and well.  While some folks dismissed the image as a fake, there were droves of gamers that accepted it without question, and were promptly stomped to death by an army of PS3 owners chanting “thieves!”.  Now Sony, can you just release HOME already? I mean seriously, we’ve been waiting long enough, and in the world of videogames, good ideas only stay exclusive for a limited time…