Cooking Mama and Science Papa’s past love affair exposed!

Both hands where we can see them, Mr. Wizard.

Majesco’s Cooking Mama has come clean on her past romantic involvement with Activision’s Science Papa, admitting a brief dalliance with the upcoming mini-game compilation star to Kotaku.

“We dated briefly (when he had much better hair). And now he clearly wants a piece of the best-selling pie by associating himself with an incredibly successful, and I’ll emphasize, happily married, woman,” said Mama.  “Frankly, he never appreciated my cooking and I grew weary of his tedious ‘experiments.’ You want real mind-bending science, go figure out how to make Toulouse Cassoulet for your next dinner party of 20 and let me know how it goes, Papa.”

I don’t know about you, but it sounds to me like there’s still some heat between these two, and I’m not talking about an exothermic chemical reaction!