Cotton Reboot! Blasts onto console

I loved amusement arcades when I was a kid. If it wasn’t for some of the awesome titles I played back then I probably wouldn’t still be as much of an avid gamer as I am now. I was introduced to virtually every genre imaginable and probably sunk enough pocket money into those cabinets to have bought a library of games. This all being said, no good arcade was without its side-scrolling shooters. This is also one of the first genres I experienced properly at home and, therefore, holds a lot of fond memories for me. Titles like Super R-Type spring to mind immediately. All these games had several things in common. They were colorful, fast, hard-as-nails, and brutally addictive. Coming forward thirty years in time we’re still seeing some excellent additions to this genre’s storied ranks and this is where today’s game comes into play. Cotton Reboot! Is about to hit your console screens and by god, it looks like a blast!

Amazingly, Cotton Reboot! is a reboot. This is a wonderfully remastered version of Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams, with a bunch of brand new features and updated visual designs. Beautifully hand-drawn HD graphics and remixed soundtracks should blast this classic bang up to the modern-day. This offering from the folk over at BEEP is going to be delivered to you digitally and physically on your PS4 and Switch devices come July 20th in Europe, North America, and Australia.

You’ll be taking the role of Nata de Cotton, who along with her fairy sidekick Silk will blast her way through seven gorgeous levels and face off against a fabulous cast of adversaries. The action will be non-stop as you contend with a growing horde of enemies in a variety of evil forms. This is a cute-em-up, (love that,) so expect your battles to be colorful and the backdrops that you move against to be full of little surprises.

Amongst the features that Cotton Reboot! is offering you’ll get Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams in its original X68000 mode. This comes alongside two other game modes for you to explore. Arrange mode features 16:9 screens. redesigned graphics and characters. In Score Attack mode, players are being invited to battle it out amongst each other online against a time limit. In doing this you’ll be able to select rounds that last two and five minutes respectively.

We all love stuff. As gamers the more loot we can get with our favorite games the better. In the case of Cotton Reboot! this isn’t going to be any different. Alongside the digital and physical releases that I’ve just mentioned, there are premium limited editions of this title available in the Strictly Limited Games Partner Shop. The Limited Edition, which comes with a manual is available at €39.99. If you want this version, it’s limited to 3000 Switch copies and 1500 PS4 ones. This might sound like a lot but there’s an awful lot of people out there that might be wanting to grab one. The other available copy is the Collectors Edition. This coming in at €79.99 and comprises a bunch of stuff including a tea set, art book, the original and remastered soundtrack, and more. If you happen to have that sort of money burning a hole in your pocket this edition is limited to 2000 Switch and 1000 PS4 copies, so it might be worth getting your skates on.

So there you have it! If you want to relive some old memories of a favorite game that’s been lovingly updated, or just get your blast on with something new; Cotton Reboot might be a very good call. You absolutely can’t beat the adrenaline rush of an arcade shooter and this particular one looks like an awful lot of fun. We know how much you lot like trailers so why don’t we leave you with one to help you make your own minds up? Here’s something to wrap your eyes around until that July 20th release comes knocking.