Crackdown 2 steps into the light

Calling all genetically-modified supercops: report to hear your first mission briefing. Developer Ruffian has just shared the first details of Crackdown 2 through a few gaming news sources.

The story of the game continues a couple years after its predecessor left off, but Pacific City still needs some work. Apparently, the metropolis still has its ongoing feud between the Agency (supercop good guys) and street gangs, but a third party of mutants and zombies is going to step up and fight. As the game progresses, the city will change and shift around as bizarre creatures tear it apart Prototype-style and citizens start bearing arms in order to legitimately protect themselves. Don’t worry though, you can call in backup for in-game supplies or actual buddies to help you serve and protect. The story mode will have 4-person co-op and sweet vehicles like helicopters and cars with mounted turrets so your team can carpool during the fight. There are some new weapons as well including a “sticky grenade” that probably works just like it does in Halo. There will be ability enhancements available for players as they work their way through the story, picking up upgrades. But there will also be similar leveling up for the 16-man multiplayer deathmatch, much like Call of Duty 4.

Maybe this first glimpse seems like Ruffian is taking a lot of ideas from other games, but at least they seem to be good ideas that work well for Crackdown 2 when it hits next year.