Create levels in a new LEGO Indiana Jones this fall

With E3 coming up next week, one might think there would be a drought of game announcements and informative posts – one would think wrong as we’re already knee deep in it. LucasArts today announced that the sequel to the LEGO Indiana Jones game will be coming this fall and will be called, amazingly, LEGO Indiana Jones: The Adventure Continues.

There is no logo for the new game, no trailer for us to faun over, not even a single screenshot. Other than the fact that this iteration will feature the complete series of films, including Indy’s most recent adventures in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and that there will be the ability to create our own levels, there seems to be nothing new here. The typical LEGO cuteness will still ooze from the screen, infecting us with a perma-grin and it will be a family favorite… unless they finally include the Raiders of the Lost Ark face melting scene.

That would be a family night to remember.