Creature in the Well hits stores this September

Have you ever thought while playing through your favourite hack and slash that it would be just that much better if it wasn’t lacking in pinball? You haven’t? Well, that’s probably for the best because that would potentially be unhinged. The creative souls over at Flight School Studio, however, answered that question differently and here we are today. Creature in the Well is our topic of discussion and it’ll be with us very soon, indeed.
What does any of this have to do with the price of fish, then? Creature in the Well is a pinball inspired hack and slash game. See? I always get there in the end. This title will be hitting the Nintendo eShop, Xbox Store and Steam September 6th. It looks a bit bloody interesting, too, as evidenced by the following trailer:
This unique top-down, pinball inspired dungeon crawler is currently available for pre-purchase over at the Nintendo eShop. It can be pre-ordered for PC and Xbox as well at the price of $14.99 with a 10% discount. In addition to this, Xbox Game Pass holders will be able to get Creature in the Well for free on its opening day for their Windows 10 and Xbox devices.
To give you an idea of story … you will be taking the role of the last remaining BOT-C. It will be your task to venture deep into a desert mountain to restore power to an ancient facility. You won’t be alone on your journey and not in a good way. As you venture deeper you will be haunted by an ancient, desperate creature.
In your attempt to free the city of Mirage from a lethal sandstorm, you will find and upgrade powerful gear. There are over 20 unique items to find. Weapons and armour are upgradable and will alter the way you play. You will have to face the challenges set by the creature as you journey through eight hand-crafted dungeons. Each of these is filled with its own unique mechanics, unlockables and secrets.
So where does the pinball come into this already interesting sounding little title? This is literally pinball with swords. You’ll need to charge up energy balls, then bounce and ricochet them to reactivate dormant machinery. This looks like it could add a really cool mechanic to an already fun sounding experience.
If you fancy a go at Creature in the Well, you might want to get those pre-orders in quickly. We all like a discount when we can get one. Of course, you pass-holders don’t even need to worry about that if you can get your copy sharpish after release. I might even be joining you on this one. The pinball slant this game is taking is making me curious enough to want to get involved, as well.