Creature Lab is soon to be unleashed

I’m absolutely loving the whole reverse horror thing that’s happening at the moment. For someone that’s not a fan of being scared by things, it’s really nice to be the creature every now and then. In the case of the game that we’ll be discussing today, we’ll be going beyond the ability to be the monster and going full-blown mad scientist. The title in question is Creature Lab and it’s due to hit our screens in January.

Creature Lab is a first-person horror simulator that’s coming from the folk over at Image Power. Come January 19th you’re being invited to channel your inner Doctor Frankenstein. In this role, you’ll be able to experiment with various potions and elixirs, create monsters from odd body parts, and release them into the world to cause mayhem. All pretty standard stuff for the wannabe crazed scientists amongst you.

Your task isn’t going to be as simple as creating creatures to terrorize the neighborhood, though that’s definitely going to be a big part of the fun. You’ll need to solve puzzles and use strategy if you’re going to earn yourself the title of a mad scientist. Avoiding the authorities will absolutely help in your quest too.

Using science for evil is the name of the game and players will begin by experimenting with various potions in order to find the correct mutagens to bring the dead back to life. Test subjects can run amuck in the city and collect resources for more potions, more people to experiment on, or to keep the nosey government’s prying eyes away from your lab.

This all sounds rather straightforward, right? All you need to do is mix chemicals and unleash your creations on humanity. Well if that were the case it wouldn’t be much of a game, would it? In Creature Lab you can’t expect all of your experiments to run smoothly. Players must figure out the correct combination of chemicals that will blend specific mutagens. They will then have to work out how best to apply these to their creations in an effort to increase their stats. In addition to all of the, ensuring that there are enough creatures capable of carrying out your orders is critical if you’re going to succeed.

In Creature Lab flying under the radar and keeping a cool head will be key to your survival. To the untrained eye, a common doctor’s office will be serving as your home base. Just behind a few doors, however, lies the top-secret lair that must be protected at all costs and hidden from public view. As your experiments continue and more test subjects are sent out into the city the military will being to gain intel about your movements. To avoid unwanted raids players can spread panic to slow down the government’s investigation. They can also pick up contracts from shady organizations through the dark web to avoid being raided.

Creature Lab is planning on giving you a massively replayable game. No two playthroughs are going to be alike as chemicals will constantly change, forcing players to discover hundreds of different mutagens to experiment with. Your experiments will, in turn, lead to many different creations, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. If you’re going to organize successful raids in the city you’ll need creatures that are capable of performing the tasks you set them.

If a bit of dastardly strategy is something that you think would be right up your alley, Creature Lab may be the game for you. If you’re dying to experiment with body parts and bring a panic-ridden city under your sway you’ll only have until January 19th to wait.