Critics trailer released for The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

Get ready to grin, this trailer puts any James Bond opening to complete shame! I think few companies put this kind of work into the trailer of something that has already been a long-standing success. They’re really proud of this series-turned-game, and so are the fans. If you’re already a proud owner of the PC games, or if you’ve already purchased the title on your Xbox 360 or PS3, then you’re going to love the way they’ve weaved these familiar scenes into one smooth-looking trailer.

If you haven’t played it then check this game out! If you’re like me and cannot play a PC game to save your life then allow this amazing trailer to tickle your brain. If this intrigues you, then you better watch the console launch trailer we revealed late last month. And if you love gritty, graphic mystery stories (where you are solely responsible for how smart the detective is), or want to explore the darker side of Sherlock Holmes, then visit GameStop or to nab your copy for $39.99 or less!