Cross Platform Podcast #016 / End-of-the-Year Cramtacular

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Did you miss us? We’re sure you did, because we got literally thousands of letters and emails asking where our regular weekly podcast was last week. We were sorry to disappoint our fans but you know how the Holidays goes. One second you’re setting up your laptop to record a podcast and the next you’re at your Grandma’s house drinking eggnog and eating a big ‘ole chunk of ham, with no idea how you got there. And, while your favorite podcast crew might seem like more than mere mortals, we, too, must succumb to the tradition known as “having too much sh*t to do”. But fear not, we are back and we’ve made it up to you with an extra-long, end-of-the-year rundown of all of our favorite games. Not only that, but each of us pin tacky badges on our favorites and pretend they mean something! But wait, there’s more! The term “breasticles” (*copywrite 2008/2009* Matthew Razak – All rights reserved. All wrongs reversed.) makes its triumphant podcast return. Don’t miss it!

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