CROWZ are circling

I’ve got a bit of news for those of you that like jumping into teams and getting shot up. As I know there are bloody hundreds of you out there that are into this sort of thing it should go down pretty well I reckon. The game we’ll be taking a little peek at today is CROWZ and it’ll be landing in Steam’s Early Access category today.

CROWZ is a bit of a combination of things. First off this is a Battle Royale. I’m pretty sure that you all know how these work by now unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years. The mechanics we all know and love have been taken and blended with all-out domination gameplay to give us something fresh and new. The last thing we want is things getting stale, right?

In CROWZ you’ll join a team of mercenaries and battle it out for control of sought-after meteorite resources for powerful nations.  Don’t expect this to be just more of your usual fayre; you’ll have to conquer land, air, and sea if you are to come out victorious. CROWZ is bringing you a realistic and strategic twist on the squad-based shooter genre. Very importantly it’s doing all of this for free.

CROWZ enters Steam Early Access today, (March 29th,) as a free-to-play entity offering two modes. First, you have Squad Operation. In this action-packed setting, you’ll take part in a four-man mercenary squad in kill or be killed action. You’ll head out into an open world and have to collect Q-on from extractors dotted about the map. This is Battle Royale warfare at its finest with the added twist of falling meteorites and asphyxiating gas that can quickly end a well-intentioned run. When you have what you need you’ll be able to call in a chopper and escape, just be aware that every other mercenary on the map will know exactly where you are and want to end your life before you get away with the goods.

The second mode in CROWZ is Blood Zone. Here, two 32-man factions wage all-out war in an attempt to secure those all-important Q-on extraction sites. Coordination and teamwork are going to be key to victory as you plan flanking maneuvers, call in weapon drops, and commandeer heavy tanks with which to crush your foes. If you can score the most resources at the end of the match you’ll come out victorious and score one hell of a payday.

If you want to get involved in this new online blood bath you can do this now. As I mentioned earlier CROWZ is free and should be here waiting for you to download and get your kill on. If you love a bit of online warfare it may very well be time to enlist.