Crusader Kings 3 is coming in 2020 (and hopefully earlier than we expect)

Only a few days ago, Paradox Interactive announced Crusader Kings 3 at PDX Con 2019 with a disturbing trailer that only Crusader Kings could get away with. The message was simple: a new and improved sequel to your favorite grand strategy medieval simulator is being released in 2020.

Since then, searches for Crusader Kings 3 info on the internet has yielded very little and some controversial results. But the reality is that I can’t stop thinking about this game. The hype is real for me. I mean, it presented as much information about the game as Bethesda did for the Elder Scrolls 6 trailer, yet I casually brushed that one off.

There are already some great write-ups via PC Gamer about CK3 and an excellent YouTube video from Fredda you can check out to gather as much information on it as I have. I think the most exciting aspect is the potential focus on your dynasty and character development. The turning point for me in Crusader Kings 2 was the Way of Life DLC. Adding RPG-lite elements added more investment into your character, who in turn became something more than the other rulers on the map. Now that Paradox is adding 3D modeling with Sims-like genetics ties the whole thing up in a nice little gift to us fans who play for reasons other than conquering the entire map (which we will still attempt anyway).

Apart from increased focus on your character and dynasty, I like the look and feel of the map and UI from the few screenshots on Steam. Content will be somewhere in between the base CK2 game and it completed state after the Holy Fury DLC. There will also be more map to cover, dipping further into Africa and farther east via Asia.

However, as more info becomes available, we’ll check in on how this game is shaping up to be at release. Either way, I am super excited and can’t wait for Paradox to unleash CK3 in 2020.

For more information, be sure to check out Paradox’s page here: