Crysis 2 benefits from “creative constraints” set by consoles

Crytek’s executive producer Nathan Camarillo has said that the challenges consoles put in front of the Crysis 2 developer have resulted in a more focused gameplay experience.

When asked if the consoles — or more precisely the Xbox 360 since the questions were asked by Xbox-focused mag Xbox World 360 — were setting borders for Crytek and limiting how freely they could approach the game from a developer’s point of view, Camarillo said, “I wouldn’t exactly call this generation of consoles ‘limited’. However, the challenges have allowed us to avoid over-designing features, to keep the focus narrower and tight for a compelling experience on all platforms.”

Camarillo feels that working within the confines of these challenges has been beneficial as “in the end this will make for the best experience for the gamer”.

“…we will spend more time per feature, making it polished, rather than spreading ourselves thinly just because we can. Creative constraints can be refreshing.”

“I think the freedom of Crysis 2 will surprise console gamers. Crysis is not about ‘go anywhere’. It’s about looking at a situation from a great vantage point and then formulating a plan that you proactively initiate to defeat your foes.”