Crysis 2’s Nano Edition packs a backpack

Swedish retailer has revealed the existence of a Limited Collector’s Edition for Crysis 2, dubbed the Nano Edition.

As seen from the image above, the main attraction of this most pricey $200 edition is a 46cm x 34cm (18in x 13in) backpack that comes complete with the metallic spine seen on the Nanosuit. Also included is a 7.9 inch-long Prophet statue, a 176-page art book, a SCAR hologram, a “Waffenskin SCAR – Camouflage” and access to higher ranks/unlockable items, all packed into a tidy steelbook case.

The retailer might’ve jumped the gun a bit and has since pulled the listing, though chances are EA/Crytek will be announcing it sooner rather than later now that it’s been outed.

Crysis 2 is still on for later this year. No exact dates yet.