Crytek trying to decide what’s next for TimeSplitters

Despite recent rumors to the contrary, Crytek UK (formerly Free Radical) is NOT actively developing Timesplitters 4.

A new addition to the franchise is said to be in consideration, however by the sounds of it the ‘go’ order is yet to be given.

“Obviously Timesplitters, historically, was for them [Crytek UK] an important IP,” Crytek co-founder Avni Yerli has said. “From our perspective we always had a lot of fun playing Timesplitters – Timesplitters 2 was amazing fun.”

And here’s the good bit: “Crytek and Crytek UK are interested in the IP; we are thinking about it but we’re trying to decide what we could do best with the IP, where we could bring it. There are no concrete plans yet.”

Hope remains, then.

When suggested the studio should release HD upgrades of past games, Yerli responded: “That’s a good idea! [laughs] There are indeed a lot of games doing it but we haven’t thought about that yet. But it’s a good idea…”