Crytek UK wants to make Timesplitters 4, looking for publisher

Around the time that developer Free Radical went under, a lot of concept art for Timesplitters 4 leaked out. Then the team had to close their doors until Crytek turned them into Crytek UK and they’ve been at work on Crysis 2 ever since. We haven’t heard much on the possibility of Timesplitters 4 after that, so Crytek UK finally spoke out to Eurogamer.

Managing director Karl Hilton said: “We’re talking to publishers at the moment about whether that’s [TimeSplitters] a viable route or not. There hasn’t been a TimeSplitters game for quite a while. Obviously TimeSplitters is a FPS with a strong multiplayer element. The question is, is that the way to go with another one, or should it go down a different route, or should we be developing a new IP altogether?”

The last game in the series was Time Splitters: Future Perfect, which appeared on last gen systems. We think it’s about time for more multiplayer madness but then again it’s not up to us.

“It’s down to us talking to publishers about what their interest is and where they see it going. If they’re keen for a TS game, then we’d be happy to do one. If they’d like us to develop something new then we’d do that.” We’ll have to wait a while to see what the team come up with, then.