CUBERS: Arena heads for PC and console release

I love a good arena brawl, they’re a really good way to let off steam and always frantic fun. The first one of these that comes to mind from way back when was Smash TV on the SNES. This was a great game for the time and got me hooked on that style of gameplay. This is long before the terms bullet-hell and twin-stick were invented. Back then you didn’t even have a stick! Shame the original release didn’t have an ending; that’s a story for another time, though. Coming back up to present, CUBERS: Arena is busily making its way through the certification process and toward your screens. If you like a bit of manic, hacky, slashy fun, this sounds like rather a good way to spend your time,



CUBERS: Arena is a gladiatorial combat game coming from Polish developer and publisher, Teyon. In this particular arena you will take control of Baller, a slave fighting his way up the gladiatorial ranks in a bid to reclaim his freedom.

You’ll have to do a bit of planning if you are to survive against your opponents. CUBERS: Arena offers an arsenal of over a hundred unique weapons, armor sets, and skills. Selecting the right combination for you will be critical to your chances of success. As you complete stages, you will be awarded gems with which to socket your gear, improving its power.

Battle will commence in four uniquely themed arenas, each with their own atmospheric effects and enemies, destructible environments, and savage boss fights in the game’s campaign mode. Aside from this, there is an extensive array of multi-player and solo mini-games for you to get your sword into. These include Time Attack, Defender, Sparring, and Dodgeball, to name but a few.

The arena is not just a lethal place for you, but also everyone else fighting in it. CUBERS: Arena uses a “free-for-all” friendly fire system. This means that the enemies you face can’t just mince you but also do a really good job of damaging each other. This adds another layer of tactical play to your game. Some dangers might just become an unexpected boon if you use this system correctly.

Finishing an arena for the first time will grant you double experience and rewards. There’s a snag to this, though. You’ll only get all that lovely loot if you kill everything on that stage. If you leave some baddies behind your rewards will be halved, so it pays to be brutal.

If CUBERS: Arena sounds like something that’s right up your street, it’ll be coming digitally to PS4, XBOX One, Switch, and Steam in the not so distant future. Those of you that want to start following the game are more than welcome to do so here.