What Is The Current Minecraft Version? (Changelogs and Best to Worst)

current minecraft version, 1.19 cliffs and caves


This post was last updated on September 1, 2023

At the time of writing this article, v1.19 is the latest version of Minecraft. As many blockheads will know, Minecraft is one of the most celebrated games of all time and has been in development since 2009. It’s constantly updated and has gone through tons of patches in its lifetime.

This resource packs in all the information about the latest versions of Minecraft, what features and changes have been implemented, and how to download and install updates.

We’ll also give you a bit of version history, so you can see how Minecraft has changed over the last few updates – and reveal some exciting news about the future updates of Minecraft!

What is the Current Version of Minecraft?

As of January 2023, the current version of Minecraft is 1.19 -The Wild Update. Watch the video below for an outline of the features implemented in this update.

EMBED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXr5glhGkzE&ab_channel=Minecraft

The most recent version introduced a whole bunch of exciting new content and mechanics. This update revolves around exciting new biomes, mobs, blocks, and items – these all extend the possibilities of adventuring and creativity in Minecraft.

The following list shows you the main features introduced in this patch.

  • Two new biomes – Mangrove Swamps and The Deep Dark
  • Four new mobs – frogs, tadpoles, the allay, and the warden.
  • New Blocks!
    • Froglights
    • Frogspawn
    • Mangrove Trees, Leaves, Logs, Planks, Doors
    • Mangrove Propagule, Mangrove Roots
    • A Mud Block, Mud Bricks, Packed Mud
    • Reinforced Deepslate
    • Sculk
    • Sculk Catalyst
    • Sculk Shrieker, Sculk Vein
  • New Items!
    • Spawn Eggs – Allay, Frog, Tadpole, Warden
    • Bucket of Tadpole
    • Echo Shards
    • Goat Horn
    • Recovery Compass
    • Disc Fragment
    • Mangrove Boat
    • Music Disc 5

Several other generic changes were made which modify and improve basic mechanics in the game. You can see the full list of changes on The Wild Update Wiki Page.

You also might be interested in checking out the full press release of the Minecraft Wild Update log on the Minecraft website, which gives players a detailed explanation of the main new features.

The Main Features of The Latest Minecraft Version

This update centers around bringing more exploration and challenges to Minecraft.

The new Swamp Biomes introduce mangrove trees, frogs, and tadpoles. Mangrove trees work just like any other tree in Minecraft and can be cut into planks, and crafted into any of the standard wood blocks and variations.

The more challenging environment is the Deep Dark biome. This biome is found deep underground and features Ancient City structure generations, and a huge new boss mob – The Warden. You better watch out for the Warden, as it’s a tough boss to defeat and will quickly kill weak or unprepared players!


The warden works differently from other bosses and mobs in Minecraft – it’s blind, and instead detects players through sound and vibrations created by their actions. Unless you are kitted out with strong armor and weapons, we suggest you try to avoid these tough mobs!

The best way to escape it is by crouching, and slowly backing away to safety. Just make sure you don’t do anything that makes noise!

If you are an adventurer and love the mystery and excitement of new journeys in Minecraft, then you’ll get a lot of fun out of this update. We certainly did!

current minecraft version, allay

Version 1.19 also introduces a new friendly mob – the Allay. These floating, jellyfish-like creatures help players out by collecting and delivering any item the player hands to them! You can find Allay mobs in Pillager Outposts and Woodland Mansions. Allays can also be duplicated by feeding them an amethyst shard!

There are three different editions of Minecraft – the Bedrock edition, the Java edition, and the Minecraft Pocket. Both of these editions are on slightly separate versions, so we’ve split the following sections for full details on the various Minecraft Versions out there.

Minecraft Java Edition Version

The most recent version of Minecraft Java Edition is 1.19.3.

This patched version of The Wild Update brings a range of additions to the base 1.19 update, including new spawn eggs, a load of new console commands, and other changes which are due to be added in the upcoming 1.20 update.

There are also several changes to the creative mode inventory, the pause screen, and the chat system. The Java Edition also offers more complex Redstone functions and Redstone circuits which aren’t available in the bedrock edition.

Thankfully, you can play cross-platform between the Java and Bedrock editions!

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Version

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is running on version

This is also a patched version of the base 1.19 update. The changes made by this version are very similar to the 1.19.3 patch for the Java edition and include all the changes covered in the article above.

Although, this has a larger focus on bug fixes and a few technical changes to components and console commands.

Minecraft Xbox Version

The present version of the Xbox One Edition of Minecraft is 1.19.0.

This features all of the same changes as outlined in the list above, including all the new biome styles, blocks, mobs, and general changes.

This console-friendly edition is based on the Bedrock edition. If you are a Microsoft xbox user, then you will be basically on the save version as Windows and other platforms.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Version

Of the various Minecraft versions available, the pocket version is designed for mobile phones, tablets, and other small devices.

Minecraft Pocket Edition is currently on version 1.19, so it includes all the recent changes and additions from the Wild Update.

Note: Technically there are only two versions – the Java edition and the bedrock edition. The mobile and console editions are just based on variations of these.

Information On Other Recent Minecraft Updates

This section explains some of the changes and new additions from the latest Minecraft updates. For more detailed information on the Minecraft Version History, check out this page from the wiki: Minecraft Full Version History.

Minecraft Version 1.18- Cliffs and Caves: Part II

Version 1.18 of Minecraft was one of the largest updates seen in recent years. This was dubbed “Caves and Cliffs: Part II”, and follows on from the v1.17 Cliffs and Caves update. This is the predecessor to the latest 1.19 update.

The 1.18 update implemented massive changes to the world generation algorithms, completely revolutionizing the way terrain is generated in both the underworld and overworld. This covered complaints from the community that environments were too stale, or unrealistic.

1.18 made the world far more dynamic, with massive cave systems, and enormous cliffs and mountains. It also changed the way ores and minerals are generated underground, with more realistic vein-like systems.

The Cliffs and Caves: Part 2 update introduced the following biomes to the game:

  • Meadows
  • Groves
  • Snowy Slopes
  • Jagged Peaks
  • Frozen Peaks
  • Stony Peaks

It also made a bunch of changes to existing blocks, mobs, items, and other key algorithms within the game.

Minecraft Version 1.17 – Cliffs and Caves: Part I

This update came before v1.18. Originally the Cliffs and Caves concept was intended to be released as a single patch, however, due to issues, and concerns for the well-being of the development team, it was split into two versions.

1.17 introduced new additions accross most elements of Minecraft, including blocks, items, mobs, entities, world generation, biomes, gameplay, and a bunch of other general updates and changes.

This update was focused on improving environmental generation, and adding new biomes to Minecraft to bring more diversity to the game.

The notable features of this update include:

  • Biomes
    • Dripstone Caves
    • Lush Caves
  • Mobs
    • Axolotl
    • Glow Squid
    • Goat
  • Blocks
    • Amethyst – blocks, bud, budding, clusters, blocks
    • Azalea – leaves, trees, potted
    • Bee Nests
    • Block of copper
    • Block of raw metal
    • Calcite
    • Candle
    • Cave Vines
    • Cobbled Deepslate
    • Copper – ore, block, cut slab, stairs,
    • Deepslate – ore, variations (e.g stairs, tiles, bricks)
    • Dripleaf
    • Drip stone
    • Glowing Item Frames
    • Glow Lichen
    • Hanging Roots
    • Light
    • Lightning Rod
    • Moss – Block, Carpet
    • Packed Ice
    • Powder Snow
    • Rooted Dirt
    • Sculk Sensor
    • Smooth Basalt
    • Spore Blossom
    • Tinted Glass

What is the Next version of Minecraft

Proposed to be released in Spring 2023, the next version of Minecraft has been announced as v1.20, and introduces a massive amount of new features and content.

The upcoming Minecraft v1.20 update was announced at the Minecraft Live digital conference, where developers teased some of the updates.

While much of this update has been kept under wraps, there are several things we do know will be added to the game.

Primarily, camels are a new type of land mount players will be able to tame and ride. These seem to be an upgrade from horses as they can be ridden by two players simultaneously, and also seem to have a larger jump range than previous steeds.

Besides camels, 1.20 is proposed to include new bamboo crafting options, such as bamboo boats. Hanging signs, chiseled bookshelves, and long-awaited changes to the combat system.

Find out more details on the upcoming 1.20 update from this Minecraft Live video:

The beta snapshots for 1.19 tease a few features from the upcoming 1.20 update!

How To Update Minecraft

The easiest way to update Minecraft depends on what edition you are using – essentially what device you are using to play it on.

For PC (the Java edition), you simply need to open the Minecraft Launcher, which should then automatically update the game to the most recent version. You might need to select the current version from the small arrow on the right of the main play button.

For other consoles (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, etc) you will need to find Minecraft in your device’s game store, and activate the update. This is usually automatic anyway.

How to tell what version of Minecraft you are on?

The easiest way to find out what version of Minecraft you are on is by looking at the bottom left corner of the main menu. Here it will indicate which version of Minecraft you are running.


Now you know exactly what Minecraft version is the latest! Minecraft is always undergoing exciting new game development updates, so make sure you keep an eye on the main site to stay up to date.


Is Minecraft 1.19 out?

Yes, Minecraft 1.19 was released in June 2022 and features a bunch of exciting updates, including a new boss and biomes.

Is Minecraft 1.20 out?

At the time of writing this article, Minecraft 1.20 is still unreleased. However, it should be coming out soon, as the proposed release date is spring 2023.

What is Minecraft’s latest version in 2022?

The most recent of Minecraft in 2022 is 1.19.6. This implements a range of patches and tweaks improving on the main features added in the base 1.19 update.