Customatization abounds for MechWarrior Online with new patch!

As of today, a superb patch went live for MechWarrior Online that allows for unbelievable customization options! Dubbed the “Camo Spec” patch, this update allows for limitless creativity for all the inner artists out there; numerous paint options, patterns, and items for your cockpit (including the beautiful HULA GIRL STATUE) are now available, so you can make the most unique and deeply personal weapon of mass destruction that you can truly call your very own. There are four new patterns being made available in the ensuing weeks, with the “Phraken” and “Dazzle” pattern already being offered today, which I hope means a giant robot made entirely out of glitter. New environments and familiar voice-work that fans of MechWarrior Online will instantly recognize are also included, making this one very robust update, for the low price of free. Check out all the info at the MechWarrior Online website. Artists, let your imaginations run wild, and paint a gorgeous picture of destruction with these new options.