Dante’s Inferno may get DLC, producer wants a sequel

During a recent interview, executive producer Jonathan Knight said EA’s hellish Dante’s Inferno may be seeing post-release downloadable content. While not getting into any specifics, “It’s a big universe,” he told Videogamer. “I have all kinds of ideas about what we can and what I hope we will do.”

To those wondering if any DLC is being developed in parallel to the game itself, Knight says “there isn’t anything up and running” due to the team still working on finishing the game itself.

Knight also commented on the subject of a possible Dante’s Inferno 2, saying he would personally like to see it happening but that that’s just him, not EA, talking. “The reality is we’re putting everything we have into this game. We don’t want to count our chickens before they hatch or take our eye off the ball in any way. We’re finishing strong,” he said, later adding, “If it does well and people respond to it, it wouldn’t shock anyone that we would do a sequel. But we’re not thinking about it too hard right now.”