Dante’s Inferno “scaled back” during development

With its mutated baby demons, whose slaughter the game awards you for, shooting out of nipples of giant bare breasted ladies, and other kind of delightfully twisted stuff, if any game has a chance of getting banned in certain countries it’s probably Dante’s Inferno. Developer Visceral Games isn’t sitting around waiting for the inevitable ban hammer to hit though but is “scaling back” parts of the game for certain regions during development.

“There’s a little bit of softening of the content that we’re going to be doing for certain territories,” executive producer Jonathan Knight said in a OXM interview posted on Xbox Live. “We totally respect different cultural sensitivities and we want the game to be available in as many countries as we can so we’re kind of looking at that for certain territories, what we might need to do to soften the material a little bit, scale back.

“When you want to bite off topics like lust and gluttony and greed, you really sort of need to go for it because I think that’s what the adult gaming audience is expecting. It’s definitely not for kids. But for the 18 and up crowd I think there’s an appetite for ‘hey, what would that really look like?'”

“18 and up” — so Australia’s cut off by default?