Dante’s Inferno ‘too dark’ for a movie

Dante’s inferno is making the most of its fifteen minutes with an anime, comic and even an Electronic Arts-branded edition of the eponymous literary classic, but a live action movie it will never be, according to executive producer and creative director Jonathan Knight.

“Our version of Dante is a dark, troubled character. At the beginning of the game, he’s fairly unlikeable. He’s done a lot of bad things [and] there’s a lot about him to not like for sure. I think that’s something you could only do in a game,” mused Knight as we wrapped up our roundtable interview. “If our Dante was up on the big screen in a movie exactly as he is in the game, I’m not sure you would make that journey with him.”

“He does have redeeming qualities, and he does truly love this woman [but] our goal was to basically make a character that seems like he has it coming to him in the beginning of the game, but by the end of the game you feel different about him,” he continued. “What’s cool about it is that he’s you, and you’re on the journey as a gamer so you can’t help but…enjoy doing the things that he’s doing. But is he a role model? Probably not.”