The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes launching on PC this summer

Fans of Germany’s best-selling tabletop RPG The Dark Eye will be thrilled to know that a Dark Eye PC game is scheduled to release this summer. The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes will spirit fantasy enthusiasts away to the world of Aventuria. Here, they will join forces with other adventurers and face off against a long list of beasts and creatures, collect special items, and run into some familiar faces and places from the tabletop franchise.

the dark eye gameplay

Well in line with games like Baldurs Gate and Neverwinter Nights, The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes is a party-based, cooperative game with the type of fantasy world most RPG players are used to seeing but never tire of and rich characters to go with it. CEO of Wild River, Marc Wardenga, says, “We couldn’t be more excited to bring this beloved tabletop franchise to the digital world,” and who can blame him? The Dark Eye tabletop RPG has been Germany’s best selling game for years and it’s finally joining the world of digital RPGs.

Like all RPGs, players will have the opportunity to create a compelling character to join the world of Aventuria. There are twelve professions and four species, all with customizable appearances. Each will also have a unique quest, task, and agenda that sets them apart and makes the player feel like they have stepped into the shoes of a true Dark Eye character.

the dark eye character

Players will be able to coopt with up to four friends online or–wait for it–on the couch! Oh yes, the couch-coop days are returning for this RPG adventure and what a breathe of fresh air. Solo adventuring is also available, with NPCs acting as hired companions at The Inn of the Wild Boar.

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes will be out to download this summer. Find out more about the developers, Random Potion, who worked so hard to put this amazing game together here, and the publishers, Wild River Games, here.