Dark Fracture is looming

You can always tell when it’s coming to that time of year again. We slowly start seeing news about horror games popping up all over the place. If you’re a horror fan, this is will obviously put you right in your element and you’ll no doubt be calling for more. Being the kind soul that I am, I shall endeavor to quench a little of that thirst for the scary and macabre. The game is called Dark Fracture and it’s due to enter Early Access next February. It’s nice to have a bit of advanced info, though, so let’s give you something to look forward to.



What instantly makes Dark Fracture appealing is it’s a psychological horror game. Psychological horror is usually the stuff that’s devoid of jump scares but makes you wet yourself, have night terrors for months, and end up in therapy. I am not even a bit of a horror junky but if I really want to torture myself I’m going to pick up something like this over say … Five Nights at Freddy’s any day. Cause why give myself a nasty scare when I can do some really long-term damage?

Set in an isolated forest in rural USA at some point in the 90s, Dark Fracture is a first-person experience that will have you treading the fine line between reality and utter madness.

You will be placed in the shoes of Edward; a body farm employee with a pained past. The only thing that helps you get through the day is the medicine you have to take. Living in isolation is not doing anything for your mental state or your ability to deal with your personal issues, either. The only other thing truly anchoring you to reality is your job, but things are simmering and you may well be nearing the breaking point.

One night while working the midnight shift Edward encounters a series of events that threaten to tip him over the edge. As he feels reality beginning to warp and twist, the cruel hand of fate might just be pulling him towards disaster.

In Dark Fracture, your choices will be all-important as you try and escape a horrific past that might not be as far behind you as you thought. Trapped between a world of horrors inspired by the works of ones such as H.R. Giger and the unkind reality of the body farm, madness might not be too far away.

As it’s so early on, we’re not being given a massive amount of info on what to expect of Dark Fracture as of yet. As I mentioned earlier, this little trip down terror lane will be a first-person affair. We also know decision making will be vital, so this is going to tax the old gray matter. Lastly and very importantly, you can expect procedurally generated events. Not knowing what to expect on any given playthrough is always brilliant for a horror game, so plenty to look forward to there.

This could be a really good way to punish your underwear and screw with your nerves. If you think you want a new reason to meet your therapist, Dark Fracture might be an excellent way to do it.