Dark Minute: Kira’s Adventure casts shade on Switch

The absolute weirdos amongst you that get a kick out of almost certain doom will possibly want to listen up to the bit of info I have for you today. If you’re a puzzle-platform fan that likes nail-biting situations, you’re really going to want to listen up. I’ve just come across a fascinating-looking creation called Dark Minute: Kira’s Adventure and if you own a Switch and are a lover of all the things I’ve just mentioned it might well be one for your library. Well, assuming you’re not afraid of the dark, of course. So, what is it then? Well let’s find out, shall we?

Dark Minute: Kira’s Adventure will see you taking on the role of Kira in a truly dark adventure in which she must discover the forgotten secrets of humanity. In this new spooky tale from the clever souls at KovalGames, you’ll guide Kira through over 100 shadowy levels of an ancient dungeon as you help direct the heroine through trap-laden stages in her quest for knowledge. I know you’re thinking that this might be tricky but nothing we haven’t seen before, right? Well, I haven’t come to the twist yet.

In Dark Minute: Kira’s Adventure you’re going to have to act quickly. You might be keen to take your time, I mean, that’s the best way of avoiding deathtraps, isn’t it? It might be counter-intuitive but in this title that’s a really bad idea. You’ll need to move at pace because after 60 seconds the lights go out. That gives you an entire minute to collect three power cells and unlock the exit before bad things happen to you. In addition to this, some of those stages just happen to be underwater. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in a submerged maze in utter darkness now, would you?

It’s interesting to come across a platformer that doesn’t just lend itself to speed runs. In this case, the entire game is a speed run if you’re going to make it through intact and piece together an alternative history of humanity that’s darker than anything you’ll encounter in the dungeon. Just avoid the spikes and other hazards while you’re doing it. Those things are absolute murder in any light.

If you fancy giving Kira a helping hand you can go and grab your Switch copy here. If you happen to be a PC owner and you’re feeling left out, (and why wouldn’t you be,) have no fear, I have your back as always. If lethal pixel platforming is something you love and want more of, you know exactly what you need to do!