Darksiders Genesis is born onto console and PC

Darksiders fans may be looking for a new delve into their favorite franchise. If this is the case I have some pretty awesome news for you. If you haven’t heard already Darksiders Genesis is now available for your favorite console. There are two things that make this title particularly cool. The first of these is a graphical break from the norm that I’ll come to in a minute. The other one is that we finally get to meet the fourth horseman, Strife. This gunslinger has been getting cameos in the previous games but that’s about it. It’s about time we met him in the flesh. Oh … and it’s a prequel so there’s that too.



Darksiders Genesis is globally available for your Nintendo Switch, PS4 or Xbox One at the rather reasonable price of £39.99. PC fans need not feel left out either as you can grab Darksiders Genesis for your computer or Google Stadia.

This addition to the ongoing story takes us back before the whole hell on earth thing and the imprisonment of War. In Darksiders Genesis, we’ll be returning to the start and exploring the origins of the mysterious Seven Seals. You can follow this story solo or for the first time ever in two-player co-op mode. In single play, you’ll alternate between the sword-swinging War and bullet blasting Strife as you battle angels, demons and everything in-between. You’ll also be able to travel atop your infamous horses, Rampage and Mayhem.

What makes this game really interesting is that it’s moving away from the open-world RPG format that we all know so well. Darksiders Genesis will be a top-down action-adventure. This brings something fresh to a tried and tested theme and that can only be classed as a good thing.

Another tasty new addition to the mechanics of this title is the introduction of creature cores. This new combat system allows you to customize your own upgrade system from the monsters that you kill. These games are always chock full for awesome loot so you’ll definitely have plenty to go at.

Darksiders fans should be well up for a new addition to one of their favorite IPs. This is also really good news for those of you that haven’t played the other games and want to follow the plot from the very beginning. Having played the other three games I can assure you that RPG fans will (and do) love them. The change in aesthetic in Darksiders Genesis just adds a bit more room for those action-adventure addicts amongst you looking for something a wee bit more frantic to play with. All in all, very cool indeed.