Dead Rising 2 upping the zombie count

Dead Rising 2 is looking to considerably up the walking dead count over its three-year-old predecessor; the five hundred or so zombies that appeared on-screen simultaneously in the first game will be replaced by thousands in the sequel.

“In Dead Rising 2, literally thousands of zombies will appear on-screen at the same time,” Capcom’s Keiji Inafune said in an interview published on Capcom’s investor relations site.

“The world in this game features a town filled with casinos that resembles a district in Vegas. You’ll see a scene where you get on a motorcycle and race down a Strip Street literally crawling with zombies. This scene shocked more than a few members of the press (grin).”

The research and development boss also touched on why Capcom went with Canadian studio Blue Castle Games for the sequel instead of developing it in-house like they did the first game, “Some users worry that using outside developers means the quality will suffer. But I think for the most part we were able to brush away those concerns.”

He continued: “Establishing partnerships with overseas firms is going to be important for future business. Learning how to work together with foreign developers as a Japanese game maker is our first step towards becoming a true global corporation.”

The game should be out this year, in Japan at least.