Dead Space 2 ad campaign features moms hating Dead Space 2

[tvgb 239823]

Every now and then, Visceral Games pulls some strange marketing stunts. I’m not sure if they really manage to sell more copies, but they do always grab attention if nothing else. As shown above, the latest ad campaign for Dead Space 2 revolves around the slogan “Your Mom hates Dead Space 2.” Subtle, right? They even registered the domain If you couldn’t guess, the campaign shows actual women, presumably all mothers, from a focus group that were shown the game in a well-lit and camera-friendly room getting thoroughly disgusted by gameplay. While there’s a bit of footage of the game in there, the moms get all the attention.

It’s funny that these campaigns tend to revolve around groups that would completely and purely hate what they’ve made (one even asking why make it at all). Clearly it won’t reach many of them, but less clearly is if that “forbidden fruit” tone will work that well? Either way, the awesomely creepy¬†Dead Space 2 demo did work on me, and so January 25 feels so close yet so far.