Dead Space 2 doing just fine without the departed

Visceral Games’ ex GM and COO Glen Schofield and Executive Producer and Senior Development Director for the first Dead Space Michael Condrey’s departure from the studio earlier in the year hasn’t affected the development of Dead Space 2, Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis said in a recent interview. “It takes a lot more than 2 people to make a great game.”

Schofield and Condrey left Visceral to join Activision and head up their newly formed, wholly-owned Sledgehammer Games in California to develop “a new game based on one of Activision’s existing franchises,” which is apparently a AAA shooter.

“The entire team did a tremendous job on the original,” Papoutsis continued. “We are fortunate to have the majority of those folks back on the sequel. I think the work that is happening now is fantastic and surpasses what we did on the original. We are not being held back at all on Dead Space 2 and hopefully people will see that when they get to see more of the game.”

Speaking of seeing more of the game, the first shots of the sequel crept out yesterday. Check them out here.