Dead Space 2 multiplayer and pre-order details revealed

A few Dead Space 2 multiplayer and pre-order tidbits have been unveiled just days before the official Visceral Games multiplayer ceremony. Gamernode reports that during the annual GameStop conference in San Antonio (likely one of the hardest places to keep videogame secrets), EA confirmed that multiplayer mode will allow players to control “soldiers” or Necromorphs in deathmatch-style combat. That’s not all. More multiplayer features are expected to be revealed later, presumably at the planned event next week.

It was also unveiled that anyone who pre-orders the game will earn a free download of Dead Space Ignition, the prequel set just hours before the start of Dead Space 2. This seems to fall in line with producer Rich Briggs’ earlier tease that there will be “some very exciting news around the price point that we’ll be talking about in the near future.” Free is a very exciting price point. Plus, pre-order at GameStop and stretch “free” even a little further by receiving a Rivet Gun at no extra charge.

Look for more official details to come out of the DS2 multiplayer reveal in the coming days.