Dead Space for Wii goes first-person, first footage

[bliptv gctb7dFsjt1s]

EA has officially announced and shed some light on the Dead Space game that we found out was heading to the Wii through a conference call a few weeks ago. Named Dead Space Extraction, the game is a prequel to the original and follows the events that lead up to Isaac Clarke’s doings on the Ishimura by telling the story of space colonists trying to escape an infection on the Aegis VII mining colony.

EA Redwood Shores promises the full waggle treatment that, instead of a third-person view, can be enjoyed through a more intimate first-person perspective. Extraction will also bring new weaponry, enemies, puzzles, and even throws cooperative play into the mix.

Dead Space Extraction is currently scheduled for autumn 2009. For now, check out the in-game trailer above.