Deck of Ashes gets a new story trailer


You’ll probably know that I wrote a piece recently about an interesting little title called Deck of Ashes. What? You didn’t? Please go back and click on that link or everything I’m going to say next will mean absolutely nothing. I’ll wait here for you. We caught up? Good; let’s continue …

Deck of Ashes as you now know is an RPG/Rogue-lite/card fusion, being brought to us by the folk over at AYGames. To help you get a bit deeper into the story, and also gain a better idea of what’s going on a new story trailer has just been released ahead of Early Access release next month.

To give you a quick summary of the plot. The video will teach you about the Ash Curse, a plague that was brought about by the greed of an evil group called The Outcasts during their quest for power. In this quest The Outcasts accidentally shattered Lady Death‘s ash box. The tragedy of this event was felt twofold. Apart from unleashing the horrific power of the box upon the world they also managed to transform themselves into, “other” and more corrupt versions of what they were to begin with. You will be taking the role of one of these misbegotten souls in your quest for redemption.

The wise Ash Master has come to give you a chance to save yourself as you travel the world, battling evil and slowly revoking the curse. If you are to survive long enough to see your quest come to fruition you will need to build power battle decks. You will also only be getting one life, so you’ll need to use strategy, skill and guile or you won’t be getting very far.

Enough blabbering from me. Why not just take a look at the video and see what you think for yourselves?